Friday, October 8, 2010

My Time in Montana

These are pictures of the old house when we were moving . I went to Montana to celebrate my Mom's 80th Birthday and to help them move into town. Don't the walls look bare! Sorry...I forgot to take photos of their new house.

Here's the Bird feeder on the front Deck.

The winding staircase down to the basement.

This is a picture of the swing...which they took to the new house.

This is their kitchen and lots of clutter on the counter.

This is the last I saw of the house....we we're leaving for Billings and the airport.

This is that grand ole fireplace Grampa built!

This is Mom, Dad, Aunt Mary and me at Hunan's. We celebrated Mom's birthday there!

Mom and Dad at the table.

Strawberry Hill off the the right.

Strawberry Hill.

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J & E Hoffmann said...

I remember strawberry hill! Wish I could have gone with you! I'll miss Grandma and Grandpa's old home!